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PureClean provide a specialist window cleaning service for exterior and internal window cleaning in the Dublin area. Both water fed pole and traditional methods are used to cater for all types of surface clean. Whether it is working at low level glass or up to 50ft using the latest in pure water technology, we can meet your needs and provide a service you can rely on and at a competitive rate.

Pure Water


External options:

Exterior residential cleans can rage from glass, frames, front & back doors, gutters, soffits, skylights, solar panels and conservatories. Most of these are cleaned using our high tech water fed pole system. Pure Water is made and carried in the van there is no need to supply water on arrival. Pure water (deionised water) is then pumped from the van system, through a hose and applied to the surface by using a specialised brush that contains either monofilament or boars hair that penetrate directly into the pores of the glass.

The van can carry up to 500 litres of ultra-pure deionised water & more pure water can be made on site with access to a water source. Pure water window cleaning is the most efficient & safe way to clean residential windows & dries on the glass leaving the surface streak free and crystal clear. If you are interesting in the process of how pure water is made or want to understand more about it, just click "Pure Water Explained"

On occasion traditional window cleaning methods can be used on residential properties & if the property is terraced or access is restricted a portable 25L Pure Freedom trolley system is used instead. This system can achieve the same results as the van system and comes in handy for jobs when you do not want to run a live hose through a property or have a hose length running across a public path or road.

Internal options:

Traditional window cleaning methods are used for internal glass cleans that are either in a commercial or residential setting. Various squeegees, applicators, blades & cloths are used. I also used the latest in traditional carbon fibre poles for those high reach internal areas like retail store cleans, restuarants, glass staircases and skylights.

So, why get your window cleaned?

Well, nobody likes dirty windows, they are unsightly. If it's your home, it looks dirty and blocks out light and even heat if in really bad condition. If it's your business, it may give a bad impression to existing or potential clients. Would you want to eat in a restuarant that has filthy windows? If you cannot be bothered to get your windows cleaned, then what else are you compromising on?

So if you don't care about having dirty windows at home or having a bad image in your business, then what about glass degradation? Glass degradation is a real thing unfortunately, glass is porous like skin and over time if not cleaned regularly or properly, the glass gathers dirt and contaminants.


Glass Degradation:

Although most can be fixed or restored, some can be permaently damaged if left untreated. You might be a person or business who does not prioritise getting your windows cleaned trying to save money. At some point though you may decide to take some action, you might find that the glass has been let go so long that it is now out of the bracket of "window cleaning" and now into the relms of "glass restoration", which can be very expensive. The glass might be so neglected that it is beyond restoration. If a layer of glass is left exposed to different types of particles for a long period of time, glass degradation can and will occur.

There are various causes for glass degradation. Hard water and minerals which usually occur from consistent water running down/against the glasses. Whether it i a consistent drip, a sprinkler/hose system splashing against the surface of the glass or even the weather itself. Hard water stains can be remvoed alot of the time but sometimes the damage to the surface of the glass is just too much and restoration is impossible. For any windows with a metal frame, there is a risk of oxidation (a build up of rust) on the glass from the surround metal frames. Oxidation and corrosion of the glass can occur. Even extremely dirty windows left over time can be an issue to clean as the dirt gets deep into the pours fo the glass and minerals can corrode the surface.




Sometimes dirt needs a bit more to remove than just a water fed pole & squeegee methoads, this is when chemicals come into play. I have various chemicals for specific purposes like PVC cleaning, pvc greying, hard water stain removal, grease removal, silicone removal, oxidation, paint & label removal etc. The utmost care is used when dealing with any type of chemicals and all safety measures are followed.

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