Professional Window cleaning

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Note: I do not perform gutter repairs. Sometimes there maybe an existing issue caused by failing unions joints or damage to the gutters themselves. In that instance a gutter repairs specialist will need to be called.

Aswell as getting the interior gutters cleaned, I provide a deep cleaning option for the exterior of the guttering and the soffit boards themselves. People spend so much time cleaning the inside of their home that sometimes they tend to forget the outside.

Soffit Cleaning

Over time the exterior guttering, soffits & bargeboards deteriorate and can look very dirty and grimey especially if they are white in colour. Cleaning your gutters, soffits/fascias not only keeps your house looking fresh from the outside, it also helps you see early warning signs of damage and remove the build up of mould growth.

What is the process of your G/F/S cleaning?

After inspecting the job, a safe uPVC chemical is sprayed on the surface and allowed to soak in. A specialised brush tool is then used to work the chemical into the surface. These long bristled brushes get right into the awkward areas and release of the dirt between and behind the joints.

After the chemical has been adequatly worked into the surface and left to rest, low pressured water is pumped through a water fed pole system to remove the excess chemical and dirt from the surface. Any excess drips are buffed away with a polishing pad to a fresh, clean finish. We do not use a high pressure pressure washer or lance to clean gutters, soffits or fascia boards. Although these tools will do the job quicker, the risk for damage is just too great & it cause always make a mess for your neighbours.

Just to note that some GFS are so badly neglected that there may be permanent damage and that some customer expectations may have to be managed. Some GFS are left for decades without any maintenance whatsoever, this can sometimes can cause damage & staining that is unfortuately permanent.


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