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Note: I do not perform gutter repairs. Sometimes there maybe an existing issue caused by failing unions joints or damage to the gutters themselves. In that instance a gutter repairs specialist will need to be called.

PureClean provide a specialist gutter clearing service for your home. No ladders are used and the work is performed from ground level to remove dirt and debris from the gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

So, why get your gutters cleared?

Your gutters provide the collection and drainage system to guide rainwater off your roof which then filters and exits into your downpipe. Blocked or clogged gutters can cause water and debris to build up in the gutters, potentially causing expensive repairs or sometimes irreversible damage. Getting the gutters properly cleared is often over looked as it's not in the eyeline and it is a very easy area to neglect. Ideally your gutters should be cleared at least once per year to avoid any of the above incidents occuring.


What is the process of your gutters getting cleared?

Gutters are cleared from the ground using a specialised exterior gutter vaccum system and carbon fibre poles. This means that no ladders are used so there is no risk of falling from a height. An inspection tool (High quality camera connected to a mobile phone) is used to check the condition of the gutters. This inspection lets the operator know the work involved and if the downpipe looks blocked. The gutter vac machine is plugged into to customers electricity via a thermal protected extension cord and the process starts. On the rare occassion where the downpipe cannot be cleared, there will be no charge.


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