Professional Window cleaning

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My name is Daniel and here at PureClean I try to provide the highest standards in commercial, industrial and residential window cleaning working throughout South Dublin area. I have over 20 years experience in the window cleaning industry. I am based in Tallaght, serving all areas of Dublin and I have developed a broad customer base in the retail and commercial sector by offering a professional, reliable and friendly window cleaning service, at competive rates.

Pure Water

Whether it is traditional window cleaning for interior glass, exterior glass or surfaces at a low/high level, only the highest standard of window cleaning equipment is used. For high level work we use the latest in water fed pole systems. The poles used can reach up to 40ft and pure water from the van system is fed through a hose and into a brush which works the glass.

Pure Water window cleaning is considered the gold standard in high level commerical & residential window cleaning. Deionised pure water technology is used to achieve a spot free finish aswell as maintaining a safe and secure working environment. It allows the provider to work from the ground, reaching high level glass without the use of ladders or cherry pickers.

If you want to gutters inspected, cleared, cleaned or you fascia, soffits or uPVC deep cleaned, it is all done from the safety of the ground. An high-reach gutter vacuum with carbon fibre poles & an inspection camera has been specially designed for exterior outdoor work. Fascia & Soffits can also by deep cleaned to compliment clean windows & clear gutters.

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Areas Covered:

South Dublin

*If you are enquiring from outside the South Dublin area, please contact me. *


PureClean's Public Liability Insurance has a limit of Indemity of €6.5 million. All Paperwork can be provided on asking by email, this includes safety systems, risk assessments, method statements and anything else you may need to comply to your needs. Health And Safety is of the utmost importance to maintain a zero claims/accident status throughout my supplier history and something I take very seriously. I do not use MEWP's (Mobile Elevated Work platforms) so any job that needs a cherry picker unfortuantely I cannot complete.


I work in most weather conditions including mild to moderate rain. Rainwater is as close to pure water as you can get without going through the deionising process which is used for the reach and wash system of window cleaning. It should not effect the finish of the clean when the glass dries off. In the case of extreme or adverse weather conditions where the job cannot be completed efficiently, works may have to be rescheduled.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a job, I can be reached by Phone on 087 7428108, text, Whatsapp or email. Also, I can be reached on social media via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. I would appreciate at least 48 hours noticed for resheduled work or cancellations.

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